Wednesday, August 19, 2015

And another one....

Tonight I wanted to again check the Worcester cemeteries for night herons. I also knew that Common Nighthawks are starting to come through and that was also a good location that I have had them in the past. No BCNH tonight but did have 2 CONI's fly over Owen and I for about 3 seconds in horrible light. I was however able to get a photograph for bird number 179 on my quest. I did have a chance at a Red-shouldered Hawk today. I heard a noise outside today that seemed different so I ran out and looked up and saw a hawk high up. Ran in the house to grab binoculars and saw it was a RSHA. Ran inside to get camera and the bird was gone. I have seen a few this year and I have failed EVERYTIME to get a photo!

Common Nighthawk- Worcester- #179

Monday, August 17, 2015


It had been slow times recently for birding in the county. Tim Spahr texted me the other day and had my nemesis bird at Westboro WMA, an Olive-sided Flycatcher. and like the 10 plus times I have tried for one it disappeared. He also had Black-crowned Night Herons there. I also didn't find those after search for over an hour and half. Last night I decided to check Notre Dame Cemetery in Worcester for night herons. The foliage is very thick and through one crack I noticed white in a dark backround of leaves....I backed up the car and got on it.. Black-crowned Night Heron it was! I was getting worried about finding one this year as I missed them in the spring.

Black-crowned Night Heron- Worcester- #178

photo upgrades

Ring-necked Pheasant