Wednesday, August 19, 2015

And another one....

Tonight I wanted to again check the Worcester cemeteries for night herons. I also knew that Common Nighthawks are starting to come through and that was also a good location that I have had them in the past. No BCNH tonight but did have 2 CONI's fly over Owen and I for about 3 seconds in horrible light. I was however able to get a photograph for bird number 179 on my quest. I did have a chance at a Red-shouldered Hawk today. I heard a noise outside today that seemed different so I ran out and looked up and saw a hawk high up. Ran in the house to grab binoculars and saw it was a RSHA. Ran inside to get camera and the bird was gone. I have seen a few this year and I have failed EVERYTIME to get a photo!

Common Nighthawk- Worcester- #179

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