Saturday, September 12, 2015

Shorebirds Galore

It's been a decent shorebird season. Started off pretty bad. Sterling Peat is essentially dried up. Luckily there was some good muddy shorelines at the Quinapoxet Reservoir in Holden and Quabog Pond in Brookfield. Awesome birds were found this week. Including Stilt Sandpiper, American Golden-Plover, Black-bellied Plover, and Semipalmated Plover. I got the absolute worst shots of some of these birds as the Quinapoxet Res flats were very far out. either way, it was awesome! Only a few uncommon shorebirds would be possible but I am not counting on them. Seems like its back to focusing on fall warblers and vireos! I still need Bay-breasted, Cape May, Tennessee, Conn, and Mourning Warblers and a Philly Vireo.

New Birds...dont judge these pics!

American Golden-Plover- Holden #180

 Semipalmated Sandpiper-Holden #181

                                                          Stilt Sandpiper- Holden #182

Black-bellied Plover- Holden #183

Pectoral Sandpiper-Holden #184 

 Semipalmated Plover - Brookfield #185

Photo upgrades

 Rock Pigeon

Least Sandpiper

Greater Yellowlegs
 Green Heron
 Eastern Phoebe
 Ring-billed Gull
 Lesser Yellowlegs
 Northern Shovcler
 Blue-winged Teal

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