Sunday, June 7, 2015

Alder Flycatcher..finally

So another bird that I ran into earlier in the year but didn't photography because at that point the bugs were eating me alive was an Alder Flycatcher in Uxbridge. I took for granted that I would run into another one easily...that didn't happen. Finally today I had one calling and it posed horribly for a record shot. I was getting worried that I might not add that one. My next common bird that I haven't gotten because I haven't tried yet is Common Nighthawk.  I'm sure I will photograph one sometime...
I had some decent birding today in Westborough. I was there specifically for a Brewster's Warbler that Steve Arena had found (2 years in a row). I was unable to find any winged warblers. But did have both cuckoo species, orchard orioles and some other fun birds doing fun things!

Alder Flycatcher- Westborough- #174

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