Monday, October 26, 2015

I Hit 200 birds!

What a day!! Lately I've been down on myself thinking it was gonna be difficult to hit 200 birds photographed this year despite all the encouragement from my birding friends. I knew I'd get to 199 because I would definitely get Snow Bunting. Today I hit my local areas and was hoping for some shorebirds. I went to Lake Lashaway to see if any new birds came in. There was a Dunlin here this week that I had missed. I missed it because I was in the wrong spot. I was always birding the boat ramp. I saw the report said town beach. I assumed wrong. I received a text from Kevin Bourinot that he had the Dunlin (Rodney Jenkins had found earlier in the week)) and a White-rumped Sandpiper. I rushed over to the now discovered Town Beach. I had my two youngest in tow and the baby was screaming non-stop (teething). It wasn't a pleasant experience but it was awesome hitting 200! After that I received a call that there was some Surf Scoters on Wachusett Reservoir. I had them already this year but failed to get a picture. This brought me to 201!  Bring on the winter finches and Owls!!!

White-rumped Sandpiper- Brookfield  #199

Dunlin - Brookfield #200

Surf Scoter-Boylston #201


Great Black-backed Gull

Downy Woodpecker

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