Thursday, October 8, 2015

Scoter Day

I went out today in search of the 3 scoter species and some scaup. I hit the Wachusett Reservoir area. I didn't check on the Northern Wheatear as the last two days now have come up empty. She was eating a lot so hopefully she's cruising to Europe or Africa by now. On Mile Hill Rd in Boylston I scoped a small scoter flock. I was able to pull out a Black Scoter amongst the White-winged Scoters. There were also 2 Bonaparte's Gulls flying around as well as a Red-necked Grebe. As normal with in Worcester County Bonaparte's Gulls are normally specs around here. That would all change today. I then ran some errands and birded Quabog Pond in Brookfield. I immediately picked up with my naked eye 2 Gulls off by themselves. That was an instant clue to check on them. They were 2 more Bonaparte's Gulls. I threw out some crackers for the Ring-billed Gulls so my boys could watch. The frenzy brought in the Bonaparte's. I sat on a rock and they didn't mind jt heir picture taken. These are the best looks I've ever had away from the coast. Getting close to 200 species photographed. The Black Scoter put me at 201 on the year seen.

White-winged Scoter- Boylston #194

Black Scoter- Boylston #195


Northern Wheatear

Common Loon

Belted Kingfisher

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