Monday, November 9, 2015

1...or 2 Gulls left.

I saw a report (from Rodney Jenkins (2 days late. And again kudos to Jim for the White-rumped Sandpiper and Dunlin he found for me) of a Lesser Black-backed Gull in Charlton at Orlandos Farm.  I bird this everyday. I do a brief look over of the gulls as its had a Black-headed Gull in the past. Admittedly I am not good with first winter birds and this was a first winter bird I was looking for.....I studied up last night on 1st cycle Gulls and much more. Last year I found my own Lesser Black-backed Gull in Millbury at Singletary Lake. It was an adult so it was easy to pick up. As soon as I arrived I picked out the bird immediately. I studied it for awhile and snappedIt  some pics. It was nice to compare it to the other birds in the same cycle.  This was bird number 206. Also of note the last week I have seen 3 Black Vultures on Millbury. Away from Blackstone, Millbury may be the best area for one. Rodney also reported that he had a Sanderling at Lake Lashaway in Brookfield. I went there for that bird and wasn't able to find it. It's hard there with the hills on the island  and patience is needed. I did however find a Dunlin which I had thought was long gone as many people have tried for it since it was last reported. Possible a new one. So for shorebirds Sanderling might be my only one left. Back to gulls. Black-headed Gull and Glaucous Gull are all I need pictures of. I did have a Glaucous Gull earlier in the year but failed to get a photo. Anyone getting any tame Ruffed Grouse?

Lesser Black-backed Gull- Charlton #206


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