Sunday, September 20, 2015

3 Bird Search....

I got up early today in search of 3 birds. Philadelphia Vireo, Lincoln's Sparrow, and Connecticut Warbler. I have LISP and CONW on my year but no pictures. I came across a flock of Vireos. 2 Red-eyed, 3 Warbling, and a Philadelphia. It was nice to get it outta the way. I thought I was going to miss one this year however Tim Sparh had confidence in me and he was right! I tried like hell for a Lincoln's Sparrow at Westborough WMA. This is usually my go-to spot for them. I dipped there on them and on CONW. I did have a singing Blue-winged Warbler which i spent over an hour trying to find. It was in the woods and seemed rather high. the woodline bordered a squash field.

I then went over to Heirloom Harvest CSA to look for Lincoln's Sparrow as I've had them there while seeing the Dickcissels. I did see a LISP but I couldn't get any sort of record shot!!!!!!!! Dickcissels were a no-show.

Philadelphia Vireo- Westborough #187


Common Yellowthroat


Northern Parula


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