Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sparrow 2fer

I'll start off my saying I finally got a Lincoln's Sparrow. The best looks I've ever had at one. I got a text from Tim Spahr that he had found a Clay-colored Sparrow in Westborough WMA. This was a county bird for me. Took about 30 min but the bird finally appeared with some Swamp Sparrows! He was fairly cooperative in the time I was there and Bob and Diane Abbot were able to get on  the bird as well so that was more awesome than just getting it for the county! Tim has been killing it this year! The Clay-colored wasn't a bird I was expecting on this years list! Just need to get some pipits! I will say that I am tired of stepping in dog shit at Westborough WMA. So if you are reading this and its your dog...dont be an asshole.

Clay-colored Sparrow- Westborough #189

Lincoln's Sparrow- Westborough #190


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