Thursday, January 15, 2015

8 Species added, Common Redpoll search is on.

Yesterday I went out for about an hour. I wanted to check some birch tree areas to look for common redpolls. I did get a nice group on American Goldfinches and the last bird flew just before I could get on it. In flight it appeared to be lighter. I couldn't make the call on it but I was hopeful! I was able to photograph a few more species today. I had a Great Black-backed Gull flyover me pretty low. But, before I fullly realized what it was I couldn't snap a photo. I then went to Uxbridge Community Garden's in hope for a Shrike or Northern Harrier. I did get a FOY (first of year) Common Raven (heard only but they breed down the street from me so they shouldn't be a problem to photograph) and a Carolina Wren. When I got home I had a new yard bird. American Tree Sparrow. Last night my mother and I met up with Tim Spahr and we did some owling at Stirrup Brook in Northboro. Was hoping for Northern Saw-whet Owls but the only thing we could entice to make noise was an Eastern Screech-Owl and a Northern Cardinal. Still a good time getting out at night!

House Finch-Sutton-#31

Northern Mockingbird-Sutton #32
American Goldfinch-Sutton #33
American Robin-Sutton #34

Carolina Wren-Uxbridge #35

American Crow-Uxbridge #36

Blue Jay-Millbury #37

White-breasted Nuthatch-Millbury #38

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