Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Goal and Purpose of My Blog

In my eyes I feel Worcester County is very under-birded. I have tried motivating people in many ways in the county. On thing I did was create a Central Mass Birders (clickable link) Facebook page where local birders can submit sightings and have discussions. I love birding in my county and local areas. This year I will try and stay within the county more and to uncover new locations to bird. I wanted to try and light a fire under the local birding community and start some type of Big Year County movement! A few birders always take on the challenge and it makes it more fun! It's believed that Mark Lynch and Shelia Carroll hold the Worcester County Big Year record at 234 in 1999 (Thanks Tom Pirro). This would only be possible if winter finches decide to bless us! 200 birds in the county is considered a very good year. I will strive to photograph 180 birds. I don't think anyone has attempted to do a Worcester County Photographic Big Year so I want to set a baseline for people to try and beat. For all of my bird outings I use eBird.org to log my species and trips. As always I will do a normal Big Year for Worcester County.

So what does a Worcester County Photographic Big Year consist of? All photos need to obviously be taken inside Worcester County. The photos do not have to be professional quality. Photos can be digiscoped through a scope. I will always try for the best photos I can. Some photos might be very tough to make out but they will be taken anyway as the birds will be identified in the field prior to the photo. Clicking the Top Photos of Each Species tab will bring you to the best photos throughout the year of all the birds I encounter.

I will occasionally post photos from outside the county of cool or interesting birds! Please forgive me for any typing or grammatical errors! I am no author and want the pictures to do most of the talking!

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  1. Justin,

    Back in 1999 Shelia Carrol and mark Lynch tallied 234 species in Worcester County, to my knowledge that is the highest Worc County list. I have always assumed they each had all the birds on their joint list, seeing they always bird together.

    If I recall correctly the following year they tallied either 199 or 200 in the City of Worcester alone.

    Good luck in 2015!