Saturday, January 10, 2015

Black-backed Woodpecker in BOSTON, 2 County Sparrows

Remember I mentioned the Black-backed Woodpecker in Boston the other day by Paul Peterson? Well it was rediscovered yesterday and viewed by Matt Garvey, Marshal Illif, Jeremiah Trimble, and Ryan Schain,  I left my house at 9:15am in the middle of a snow storm. I needed to be at work in Worcester by 1245pm. I got to Boston in just over an hour despite driving 45-55 on the Masspike. It took a lot from me to not speed to get this bird. But, I took my time. As soon as I got there David Bernstein guided me to the location and I was on the bird instantly. I had roughly 3 min with the bird and it was gone. that was at 1045am. I got a record shot of it. This was a lifer for me and I had went up to Wenlock WMA in Vermont 2x over the past couple years for Boreal Species and missed this one both times. That is now Gray Jay (Worcester county) and now a Black-backed Woodpecker in the same calendar year. Maybe Boreal Chickadee is next? I made it to work....45 min early. I couldn't believe it. The bird ended up coming back by 3:15 and then disappearing again. I got lucky!

While at work since I was early I did search for a Peregrine Falcon downtown to try and snap a picture but, none were to be found. I am missing some pretty common birds so far on my my year. I haven't seen a Bald Eagle, Cooper's Hawk or a Sharp-shinned Hawk yet. I wouldn't of thought I would have Black-backed Woodpecker before a Northern Flicker either...oh birding.

Not Worcester County but a great rarity! I wish I had better conditions and more time with the bird to get some decent shots. Just had to get a documentation shot while I had the chance! Check out Ryan Schain's and David Bernstein's flickr for for much better photos!

Ryan Schain's Flickr

David Bernstein's Flickr

My feeders were decently active today. I did miss photographing a Blue Jay and a White-breasted Nuthatch in the yard. Not to worried about those as I will have plenty of chances for them. I did upgrade some earlier photos of a Downy Woodpecker and Northern Cardinal.

Song Sparrow-Millbury #29

White-throated Sparrow-Millbury #30

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