Monday, January 19, 2015


Today I had the holiday off work. I got up early and headed to Forest Hills Cemetery. My goal was to get better photos of the Black-backed Woodpecker. When I had arrived the gates were all still locked. I called the Cemetery and the voice-mail stated that gates would be open a 700 or 730am (cant remember the exact time) but the office would be closed. A few birders decided to jump the gates. I was not going to do this although I was upset that I drove all this way for the gates to be closed. I headed over behind the MassBio building to try my luck at the wintering Grasshopper Sparrow. No luck, but I didn't put that much effort in. I did get a handful of Fish Crows calling like crazy and I was able to photograph them. I wish I encountered these more in Worcester County. Back to the cemetery and the gates were open. No luck on the Woodpecker for me. I stayed about an hour. The highlight for me was FOY Golden-crowned Kinglets and a Great Horned Owl that all the birds found for me. I was able to snap a photo of him. Too bad he isn't in Worcester County!

I came home for a few hours to hang with my boys. My mother then took them out to lunch and to Zoinks, My wife and I decided to take a drive down to Blackstone for Black and Turkey Vultures. For people that are new to birding or might not know about this location its a great spot for wintering vultures. I myself always go to the ball-fields behind the fire station. There is a Dike there with the Blackstone River on the other side. Owen got his lifer Orchard Oriole there last year. Today I came across a Black Vulture sitting on the dike! Usually I see them on the light poles there or soaring over so this was a treat! On the river were some Hooded Mergansers, Mallards and a wintering Wood Duck. A handful of Turkey Vultures were also soaring overhead. Another new species photographed for the year. Today I was able to photograph 3 new species in the county. I bypassed some Rock Pigeons though. Ill get them ;)

Black Vulture-Blackstone #39
 Wood Duck-Blackstone #40

Turkey Vulture-Blackstone #41

Great Horned Owl-Boston Mass

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