Monday, March 9, 2015

Horned Larks and Visual Signs of Spring

Teachers and non-birders had us leading to believe that Robins were a sign of spring. Now that I/we have been birding we know the true signs of spring are Blackbirds (for the most part) This morning while driving the bus I thought I had seen 2 in a tree behind the RT 146 Walmart in Worcester. But I for obvious reasons didn't stop to examine it any further. A note about that place....the river runs behind it and ducks can be found there. At the Fair Plaza on the Worcester/Millbury/Auburn line I was present at dawn during the American Crow roost exodus. I couldn't hear any Fish Crows!!! I was real confident...but was a negative. Then hours later while driving I had a Fish Crow on Vernon St. I hate not having a camera at work! I was able to photograph a Fish Crow last year at White City Plaza in Shrewsbury(my wife found it after leaving the gym....didn't believe her....sure enough I was wrong) but I fear it could be difficult as I don't run into too many in the county in a year. Downtown a Peregrine Falcon came screaming in front of my bus chasing a Rock Pigeon. Pretty cool. I have seen them a bunch of times this year but its always at work with no camera. The one day I went down there with my camera I didn't see one. After work I took Owen (Owen's Big Year Blog) to try again for the Horned Larks that have been seen on Town Farm Rd in Sutton. 4 passes down the road finally lead to a large flock (my largest flock since 2013 at the Worcester Airport) Also on that road there were 3 Red-winged Blackbirds and 1 Common yeah...spring isa coming! Funny note...I have seen 55 Red-tailed Hawks in Worcester County this year....I have photographed.....ZERO,

Common Grackle-Sutton #59

Red-winged Blackbird-Sutton #60

Horned Lark- Sutton #61

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