Wednesday, March 25, 2015

New Town Bird and Year Bird

I didn't plan on doing any birding today before work at 2pm. I was maybe thinking of checking out Lake Quinsigamond again and possible Institute Park (good spot for Northern Shovelor). I received a text from Alan Marble that he had found some Common Redpolls in Central Cemetery in some birch trees along the Blackstone River. I arrived within 10 min or so....gone. Now these aren't needed this year however Alan had made me very conscious of Millbury birding (and got me started on county birding as opposed to birding everywhere and anywhere else in the region). I left Alan at the original location and I drove around the cemetery looking at other birch trees. Took about 10 min and I found them on the other side. They posed for about 12 seconds and we never relocated them. We chatted for a bit and I headed home. Then I had an inkling to check another spot along the Blackstone. I was rewarded with a pair of Green-winged Teal that I was able to photograph for the year!

Green-winged Teal- Sutton #74

New Town Bird- Common Redpoll

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