Friday, March 6, 2015

Interesting Experience and New Birds.

So on Tuesday while I was driving bus for the city of Worcester I saw a woman had a box in a plastic bag. She began talking about how she found a bird laying on the ground near the CVS near the Worcester Common. I told her she found the perfect person to help her. She opened the box and immediately seen it was a Cedar Waxwing. I showed her on my phone what they look like.  She was amazed that she actually found someone that could help her. I told her that I would care for it the rest of the day and night then bring it to Tufts on Wednesday. A few bus drivers and I fed it some raisins and water. The next day his wing looked better. I fed him some grape jelly which he loved. I sat him in the snow to see if he would fly. He attempted too but it just wouldn't work. Off to Tufts we went. On Lake Ripple in Grafton I was able to photograph two Herring Gulls.  After dropping off the Waxwing I noticed a bird at the top of a Pine tree. It was an American Kestrel. He was very active and flew to the road and from tree to tree constantly. Then he landed on the Wildlife Clinic building and appeared to be eating some sort of bug.

Today I went in search of some Horned Larks that were reported in the town of Sutton. With all the snow lately I just haven't been motivated to go out and look for them and Snow Buntings at the airport. So instead of waiting for next winter I headed out. No luck at all but I did manage to find some Wild Turkey's and Rock Pigeons. Both I have obviously seen almost daily this winter however just didn't have the opportunity to photograph them to any extent.

Injured Cedar Waxwing

Herring Gull-Grafton#54

American Kestrel-Grafton  #55

Rock Pigeon-Sutton #56

Wild Turkey-Sutton #57

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