Thursday, March 12, 2015

Unexpected Day

Today I wanted to just go photograph either the Gardner Screech-Owl or check up on some spot that I thought would be good for a Great Horned Owl nest so I could photograph one to get it out of the way. I decided I would go to Gardner despite having the Screech. I spent about 35 min with the bird. While driving home my baby needed to be fed so I exited the highway to selfishly feed him on the safe River Rd in West Boylston. I knew that I still needed Red-breasted Nuthatch. Upon approaching I could see open water and I got excited. I picked up a Common Goldeneye, which I somehow didn't photograph this winter and assumed next winter I'd have to play catch up. While taking photos of the goldeneye a Killdeer flew in and landed with some Wood bird! I then was able to photograph a Red-breasted Nuthatch. That is a bird I have never had much luck at photographing. On the way home I swung by St Phillips Cemetery where finally the resident Eastern Bluebirds showed themselves. I didn't plan or expect any new birds today but was able to add 4 and update 3 other species on the year!

I had my mother check on my hunch about the Great Horned Owl and it paid of. Tomorrow morning I will snag that. I am off to a good start. Wish that I was able to get a Glaucous Gull this winter but hopefully next! Doesn't look good for Snowy Owl or Short-eared Owl either!

Common Goldeneye- West Boylston #62

Killdeer-West Boylston #63

Red-breasted Nuthatch #64

Eastern Bluebird- Grafton #65

Additional Updated Photos of Previous Birds

Eastern Screech-Owl-Gardner

Herring Gull- Fitchburg

Ring-billed Gull- Fitchburg

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