Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Red-headed Woodpecker Stakeout, new species.

This morning I absolutely had to go out and clear my head and not think about the things I am going through in my private life. I headed locally at first and was able to pick up a Black-throated Green Warbler in the same exact tree on the same exact day as last year! That's pretty cool. The only difference is today I totally took the worst documentation photo of all time! I added some FOY's on my walk through Martha Deering WMA. The highlight for me was a calling Barred Owl and a new bird for Millbury, a Northern Waterthrush. Later in the day I saw that Jeff had photographed the Red-headed Woodpecker so naturally I had to go sit and wait. The bird never showed back up I was able to explore the area a bit more.  I then headed over to Bolton Flats thinking I could get a Solitary Sandpiper....nope....but I did get over a dozen Least Sandpipers and 31 Glossy Ibis! Bart Kamp was there and told me of another spot to go look for Solitary Sandpiper...So I did and found them! My last stop was Gate 40 at Wachusett Reservoir...I am so glad I did. A Long-tailed Duck was close enough this time for a record photo! While scanning the gulls I got onto 2 gulls that were a nit smaller and had different flight patterns....they were Bonaparte's Gulls! not a bad day in the "I could miss these birds this year type-of-way".

Black-throated Green Warbler-Millbury #140

Least Sandpipers-Bolton #141

Solitary Sandpiper-Bolton #142

Long-tailed Duck- Clinton #143

 Bonaparte's Gull-Clinton #144


White-throated Sparrow

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

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