Monday, May 11, 2015

Still adding species!

This morning I decided to head back to Rutland State Park and Ware River IBA. I was looking for a Nashville Warbler which breeds on Whitehall Rd. I was walking down a path and the bird was already singing. The first photo I took for a record shot ended up being the best one.In the 10 min walk around that path I pulled off 21 ticks. 14 being Deer Ticks. eww. I drove over to the the Whitehall Pond bridge to follow up on an old tip from Josh Gahagan about Cliff Swallows nesting under the bridge a few years back. I didn't see any evidence of that this year. While doing that a Veery popper up right along the road. Easy photo. I then went back to Uxbridge's Rice City Pond to see if I could photograph a Worm-eating Warbler. I did find him but unfortunately I was unable to get a photo. I am just glad that he returned! Ill get him! I did walk the trail to the sand pits. Lots of Prairie Warblers and I was able to add Indigo Bunting and Black-billed Cuckoo photos! I love the cuckoos! I finished the day at Broad Meadow Brook hoping for a Cape May Warbler that everyone and their moms are finding luck. I did however find an Eastern Screech Owl thanks to some Blue Jays that were going crazy about it. 16 species of warbler today.

Nashville Warbler- Oakham #163

Veery- Rutland #164

Black-billed Cuckoo- Northbridge #165

Indigo Bunting- Northbridge #166

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