Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Red-headed Woodpecker....Success!

Well the day birding wise turned out awesome. The day just now ended on a sad note. I will start sad first. My wife just called me outside to look at the car. In the grill was a ended up being a Blue-winged Warbler. One of my favorite birds of all time. I am very sad. This poor guy flew all the way up here just to die. That really pissed me off.

I started the day in Millbury again birding Martha Deering WMA. I was able to get a better photo of the Black-throated Green Warbler. I also found a Magnolia Warbler. Just like with the Black-throated Green Warbler this Magnolia was in the same location as the year the date! Amazing. Unfortunately a Blue-winged Warbler wanted to chase it off before I was able to photograph it.

I then was alerted that the Red-headed Woodpecker had been present all morning. I rushed to Sterling and was immediately greeted by its call before I even got out the car. I was also able to get its photo!  Also in Marsha's yard was a Northern Parula I was able to get a record shot of! I wanna thank her so much for allowing myself and other birder's to be on her property! Only took me 5 tries!

I left her house and headed to Sutton to try for Grasshopper Sparrow. Took about 10 minutes and one started calling and popping up!

I was riding the good luck wave to Rice City Pond. I was hoping for Worm-eating Warbler. Negative. I hopped on over to River Bend Farm where I was able to get 3 Orchard Orioles.

Lastly I stopped at St. Phillips Cemetery in Grafton and snapped a horrible digiscoped photo of a Green Heron.

Then at home...well tragedy.

Red-headed Woodpecker-Sterling #145

Northern Parula-Sterling #146

Grasshopper Sparrow- Sutton #147

Orchard Oriole- Uxbridge #148

 Green Heron- Grafton #149


Wood Duck

Black-throated Green Warbler

Baltimore Oriole

Gray Catbird

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