Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Few Additions

Yesterday I went back to the Osprey nest site and had two Ospreys hanging around.  Still later than I usually get them. No Eastern Phoebes at that same location. Again I usually have those as well. Not like these are rare or anything. In a month they will be daily birds everywhere. I just like to beat my previous old records. This year on most birds they are late.

At work one of the Peregrine Falcons was hanging in downtown Worcester on the Bank building. Always cheers me up at work. I had a break from my shift for a bit so my mom picked me up and we headed to Wachusett Reservoir to listen for Barred Owls. We have been going every week for the past month and they just weren't calling. We had put in about an hour at multiple locations with nothing. I suggested we go back to the original location and sure enough one started calling. We then heard the begging of an owlet. The moon was bright so we could see the Barred Owl sitting in a tree and I was able to get an awful shot! I won't complain because any owl shot is just awesome. 

Today I went back to the local Osprey spot and was joined by Alan Marble. One Osprey came through and this time an Eastern Phoebe made a loud appearance. Check.

Osprey-Grafton #76

Barred Owl- West Boylston #77

Eastern Phoebe- Grafton #78


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