Thursday, April 16, 2015


Just some more catching up to do. Water is still high on the farm field at Bolton Flats. Only shorebirds were Wilson's Snipe, Killdeers, and 2 Greater Yellowlegs which was new on the year! I tried looking for a Blue-winged Teal to no avail. There were 3 Northern Pintails there as well. I always love seeing those! I checked Purgatory in Sutton for Blue-headed Vireo but they still aren't back yet. I was able to get a Hermit Thrush there as an added bonus. I usually get them there though. I have to get these swallows out of the way. Shouldn't be hard except for Cliff. I went back to Upton SF to see if I could find the Louisiana Waterthrush again. Today I found 2 and was able to get a photograph. Still waiting on a Sandhill Crane to pop in..................

Greater Yellowlegs- Bolton #99

 Hermit Thrush- Sutton #100

Horned Grebe- Westborough #101

Louisiana Waterthrush- Upton #102

Additional Photos


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