Thursday, April 9, 2015

Super Day!

This day started off with grocery shopping. Didn't plan on doing much else. Went a road over and refound the Fox Sparrow. While I was listening to the Fox Sparrow singing I seen a Worcester Needs Alert email from ebird pop up. Quite a few birds that I needed. One that mainly stuck out was a Northern Shovelor found by Tim Spahr. I started texting him for more details and flew over to Westborough WMA. As soon as I showed up I spotted the bird. Pretty easy. I continued hiking further in to the pond. When I was near Little Chauncey I could hear a couple Fox Sparrows but couldn't snap a pic. On the pond were a couple Greater Scaup. Had them in January but a mile away so today I was able to get a photo. Walking back towards my car I noticed an American Bittern walking across the path to another section of marsh. I hear them every year but I've only seen one at Plum island a couple years back. This was a bird I did not expect to photograph. I was also able to knock down Tree Swallow and Palm Warbler. I did see a Ruby-crowned Kinglet with the Palm Warblers but I couldn't get a photo of him either.  I did photograph another Fox Sparrow hanging with the Palms but nothing special. Bring on shorebirds!!

Northern Shoveler- Westborough #86

Tree Swallow- Westborough #87

Greater Scaup- Westborough #88

American Bittern- Westborough  #89

Palm Warbler- Westborough #90

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