Thursday, April 9, 2015

New Birds

This morning I went back to Westborough WMA to try and find the Glaucous Gull that Tim Spahr found yesterday while I was stuck at work. No Glaucous Gull was there this morning. Boooooo.  I was able to upgrade my Fox Sparrow photo and a couple others. There were at least 7 Fox Sparrows today! Also I was able to photograph new for the year a Swamp Sparrow, Golden-crowned Kinglet, and Ruby-crowned Kinglet.

After being out in the peaceful woods I had to sit in the Worcester RMV for hours. Miserable.

Golden-crowned Kinglet- Westborough #91

 Ruby-crowned Kinglet-Westborough #92

Swamp Sparrow- Westborough #93


Fox Sparrow

Black-capped Chickadee

American Robin

Brown-headed Cowbird

Mute Swan

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